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Discover how the Alpha Technique has been used by Over 70,000 Australians to: Reduce Stress, Enhance Memory, Achieve Peak Performance & Much More…

For over 28 years Alpha Dynamic has been Australia's leading program in mastering the power of the mind. Now you too can discover the secrets to unlocking your full potential. In this powerful introductory seminar you will learn:


  • The basics of Beta , Alpha,Theta and Delta brain wave states

  • How these brain wave states can impact your performance and feelings

  • Why the Alpha brain wave state is so crucial for stress management

  • How ‘high achievers’ use the alpha state every day to reach their goals

  • Which dominant brain wave state causes you to procrastinate

  • How changing to the Alpha state can lead to greatly increased self esteem

  • Why the body heals and recovers up to 10 times faster in the Alpha state

  • How to recognize and reverse negative and sabotaging patterns

  • Why confidence and intuition working together create unprecedented results

  • How mastering the Alpha state can improve your memory

  • Why the ‘alpha state’ is the key to unlock the door to your full potential


Alpha Dynamic is the ultimate personal development seminar. What really impressed me was the absence of hocus-pocus. The sessions were very professionally presented, everything was believable but, above all, the techniques work! My life is much richer for having done this seminar.
Maurice Ferdinando – Company Director - Ringwood – VIC



Our brains have four levels of capability (Beta, Theta, Delta and Alpha). Most of us function in the Beta (everyday thinking level) for 90% of every day. But what if you could access and harness the power of the Alpha state, the most powerful of the four?


Scientists call Alpha our 'super conscious' level of the brain. It is the level of creativity, intuition and inspiration. Occasionally we can experience this Alpha state during peak performance experiences, or when we are completely engrossed in a task.How could your life be different if you could access this any time?


Alpha Dynamic teaches you how to operate in this Alpha state whenever you want to. If you want to learn how to tap into this Alpha state, increase your performance, reduce your stress, improve your health and access your higher creativity and intuition, at will, then you need to come along to the Alpha Dynamic introductory session




Alpha Dynamic has shown over 70,000 people how to master the power of their mind in more than ten different countries including every city in Australia. Here is just a little of what they have to say:


A stand out program for practical and easy to apply techniques

My name is Maud Edmiston, founder and Managing Director of the Miss Maud Hospitality Group (Miss Maud) and a former Australian Bulletin/Qantas Business Woman of the Year. I have attended many diverse seminars, training courses and business related programmes, throughout my business career, and encouraged and paid for my employees to do the same.


The Alpha Training Seminar, stands out as the most practical, easy to apply and impacting programme I have ever attended.The techniques taught on stress management, memory training, goal achievement and enhancing communication were particularly powerful. I commend Peter Heibloem and his son, Peter on their superb presentation style and the excellent programme and trust this will inspire others to attend this Alpha Training Seminar.


Maud Edmiston– Managing Director – Perth – Australia


Happier & Calmer Advertising Director

The Alpha Dynamic Seminar has been a mind boggling journey into my potential as a member of the human race. It has opened my mind and heart into the many positive directions I want to pursue for the rest of my life. In a few short days of practice my colleagues and friends have already observed positive improvements in my attitude. They even say I look much happier and calmer. Thank you Peter Heibloem, you are a wonderful teacher!


- Maureen Koh-Jordan, Advertising Co Director - Singapore


Achieved 21 High Distinctions, 3 Distinctions and a University Medal

My use of Alpha has helped me immensely in my studies, particularly at University where I achieved 21 High Distinctions, 3 Distinctions and a University Medal.


Sarah Richardson - Student - Sydney, Australia


Doctor Eliminates Nightmares & Sleeping Tablets

Since attending your seminar I am much happier, more relaxed and I wake in the morning full of energy now. I have eliminated my nightmares and sleeping tablets, which I have needed for many years. Your seminar has been the best financial investment of my entire life.


Elizabeth Horvath– Medical Practitioner – Albury, Australia


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