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manages the ALPHA DYNAMIC ORGANIZATION in Australia and is its most senior presenter. He has studied and used the Alpha techniques for 35 years and has written several books on the subject.
He presents seminars throughout Australia and Internationally, with his son- and he is an inspirational speaker with a wealth of knowledge of how the brain and mind works. 

Peter has a Degree in Business- Accounting and Computer Systems Design from the University of NSW and has worked for a Chartered Accountant for several years before operating his own Tax Practice.
Peter's background in Management, Marketing, Sales Training and Psychology provide a wealth of business expertise to combine with his years of study and practice in Personal Development.


is an International Lecturer and Senior Seminar Leader with the Alpha Dynamic Organization. He has traveled extensively within Australia and Internationally in the last 16 years presenting lectures and seminars to thousands of people and he also is an inspirational speaker and a very personable and approachable fellow. Peter gained his education in Business, Marketing and Human Resources Management in 1995 through Griffith University in Brisbane Australia- He is an entertaining and captivating presenter who positively inspires audiences through his enthusiastic engagement of the Mind Power Techniques. He is a family man who has a keen interest also in Insurance Brokerage.


Peter outlines the many benefits of accessing and using the Alpha Brainwave state
(called our 'super conscious' level) for the Business person. 



      30TH YEAR

of developing and presenting

Mind Power Training

throughout the world. 

Alpha Dynamic is a family business- wholly owned and run from an Australian base-

with the seminar now being shared with thousands of individuals from over 10 countries.

The Alpha Training techniques are constantly updated with new and topical material as our body of knowledge grows alongside the newest scientific discoveries of how the brain and mind functions.

We are passionate about our assistance of participates to access these skills and techniques that will help them to grow and change their lives and lead them toward a fuller potential and a happier life.

We have devoted over 30 years to the presentation of this material worldwide.

The Alpha Dynamic Training seminar is perhaps the most comprehensive and extensive course of personal development to assist in the creative powers of the Mind using the Alpha level. We hope you enroll in our seminars today and join the many who have taken this step forward.

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