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About our 4 day training seminar

About our 4 day training seminar


The Alpha Dynamic Training seminar will teach you how to re-discover the REAL YOU-

the person with all the qualities and capacities for joy and fullfilment that deep down you know you possess. You will learn how to dissolve negativity and lift your personal energy and vitality to levels you never thought possible.

at your alpha levels
do you want better memory?
are you satisfied with your personal life?
is your family life what you really want it to be?
by the first session
friday evening
do you want health and 
personal well-being?
BY Saturday morning-in the seminar you will have learned about using the Alpha level of your brain, to improve your health
and well-being.
so how does intuition work?
the deeper meanings of alpha

In the last 40 years we have learned more about how the mind actually works than in all of the rest of history.

We know that most people only ever use a small degree of their brain's potential- even Einstein was estimated to be using just over 10% of his potential. 
We know that the human mind is always in only one of four levels of activity, and that these can be clearly recorded by an ordinary EEG (electro encephalograph) machine, such as you can find in almosy any Doctor's surgery.

DELTA is the unconscious level, THETA is the main SLEEP level, BETA is the everyday activity level, and ALPHA the first level to be picked up because it is so powerful, and is thought to be the super-conscious creative level of awareness.

ALPHA is where we do our best work, play our best sport, enjoy our relationships the most, and when we are really healthy and happy. It is also where we do our dreaming at night, in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep.

Unfortunately, as adults, we only spend a fraction of our waking time in the Alpha- state, as little as 15-20 minutes a day, and usually in flashes of just a few seconds at a time.

THE ALPHA TRAINING SEMINAR  is about learning how to consciously access and use this ALPHA LEVEL whenever you choose to do so.

What would your life be like is if you could consistently access the ALPHA level of your mind? Think of the times when you've really excelled yourself.

When you have felt completely on top of things. When you have been full of confidence and ability and nothing could stand in your way.

Plato said: "All knowledge is but remembrance"' but as we get older, most find our memory slipping. Concentration suffers and remembering becomes more difficult.

At THE ALPHA TRAINING SEMINAR you will learn three distinct techniques for memory and concentration improvement, one of which will automatically increase your ability in both areas without your even being aware of it, until you actually notice it has happened.

When did you last feel real joy and happiness?? Would you like to be clear, motivated and positive, free from procrastination and self-doubt? The Alpha seminar will teach you how to connect to the real you. Olympic athletes are now using these powerful techniques discussed in detail within the seminar to lift their performance and create the unquenchable will to win.


Are you or your partner negative ?? Are your true feelings concealed?? Do you communicate and relate fully together, or are you irritable and impatient?? Do you feel peace together as a family?

ALPHA has the potential to teach you how to build and maintain lasting relationships and How to repair relationships that have gone wrong.

How to communicate properly and achieve harmony with others.
There is nothing difficult in it, nothing you won't be 
able to to do by Sunday afternoon in the seminar

BY THE FIRST SESSION ON FRIDAY EVENING- you will be able to access the ALPHA LEVEL and begin to make the changes and grow your experience of the life you have always wanted- and you will start to learn how to apply this to every part of your life.


When in the alpha state, you naturally seem to attract success- things always seem to flow and go rightly. And why not?

With Alpha you are accessing twice or three times as much of your brain's potential as you do now. Tasks that were difficult become simple-
Goals that seemed unattainable impossible dreams suddenly, and seemingly without effort become a reality. And thats only part of it.

Do you really need to suffer from headaches and pains and minor ailments? Of course not. Neither do you need to feel stressed or tense, tired or rundown or as if you never get quite enough sleep. Miraculously, you can make yourself feel better.



The reality is, regardless of age, background, your walk of life, in one weekend you can learn how to achieve and through accessing this powerful intuitive level of mind, make the choices you have always wanted too, to change your life in every way you can imagine. 


Do women really have more intuition or can everyone tap into and increase their inner awareness? How do some people walk on fire or perform unbelievable feats of strength and endurance? There is nothing mysterious about it- If you wanted to, you could do at the same. Their minds work no differently from yours- they access the same four levels of brain activity as you do.


There is a 400 year old saying about mankind: "Cognito ergo sum",
I think therefore I am.
Alpha Dynamic has a modern addition to this philosphy-
"I think therefore I can."

Alpha Dynamic Mind Power Training is not religious- it is not even philosophical- it is a totally practical scientific set of techniques and strategies to assist you to access the power of your mind, in an awakening process, using scientifically known and proven characteristics and behavior of the brain to enhance and focus NAYRAL abilities to greater affect to live a better life.

All of us know in our hearts there is much more to life than there seems. That there are things  we see, things that happen which simply cannot be explained by our rational, logical mind. Have you ever heard of anyone say when you have rung them- "I was only thinking about you a moment ago"
The Alpha Seminar explains the unexplainable.


Have you ever wondered why for no apparent reason, you think of someone and moments later they contact you or you bump into them in the street?
You may not have heard from them in months or even years  but the thought and action are often only seconds apart. 


IMAGINE being able to tune into this most powerful level of awareness whenever you had a problem to solve, whenever you felt stressed or couldn't sleep, whenever you wanted to improve your next golf score.
Imagine being able to concentrate better, to remember names and telephone numbers easily, to be able to study and absorb information quickly and naturally. Imagine being able to simply shed unwanted bad habits, like smoking or excessive drinking or over-eating, virtually without effort or apparent will-power.

NASA has conducted successful tests with this Alpha Phenomena with teams of astronauts in outer space. What is it, that is happening when half a dozen scientists, each working in different countries will come up with the same new idea, virtually simultaneously?- a kind of synchronicity.


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